Collection 3

* Up to 8 hrs of coverage
* Main photographer
* Second shooter

* Edited photos in Hi-Res
* Slideshow
* Online private gallery

*Keepsake Box
(Made with Oak Wood w/ usb
and 20 Fine Art 4x6” prints)


Collection 2

* Up to 12 hours of coverage
* Main photographer
2nd Shooter

* Edited files in Hi-Res
* Slideshow
* Online private gallery
* Keepsake Box

Choose between:
*Post or Pre Wedding Day Shoot (Up to 3 hours)
*Layflat Album
(8"x12" | 40 pages)


Collection 1

*Full Weekend Coverage
(20 hrs max.)

* Main photographer
* 2nd Shooter

* Edited files in Hi Res
* Slideshow
* Online private gallery
* Keepsake Box

*Deluxe-Layflat Album
(10"x14" | 50 pages)


All prices in MXN | All payment methods accepted including Paypal & Stripe | IVA Tax included | If payment is made in cash, tax can be excluded.

Layflat Album

Custom made 30x20cm
Fine Art Printed | Layflat
40 pages/20 spreads
(Extra spread: $400 mxn)


Deluxe-Layflat Album

Custom made 35x25cm
Fine Art Printed | Layflat
50 pages/25 spreads
(Extra spread: $480 mxn)



Session intended to make you feel free and create images together that reflect your authentic essence as a couple <3


Extra hour

To make sure those late hour moments don't go missing 🍾💥


All prices in MXN | All payment methods accepted including Paypal & Stripe | IVA Tax included | If payment is made in cash, tax can be excluded.


Where are you based?

I am based in Mexico City, and able to move wherever you need me to ;)

Most of the weddings I shoot are outside my city so I'm used to travelling for weddings & work. FYI, I am fluent in english (and currently tackling Japanese 101) and have passport & USA Visa.

Mi wedding is outside Mexico City. Do you charge travel expenses?

For events outside the Mexico City area, I ask for you to cover the travel expenses (transportation & lodging) We usually stay and reserve an airbnb early ahead of the wedding date so that the extra cost doesn't really impact the total cost overall.

What do you need from us?

This is just like the shampoo instructions: In order to achieve the best results, the more excited and involved you guys get, the better the photos will turn out! It will all feel the more natural/effortless.

The way I see it, this is 100% a collaboration, my part is putting all of my capacity & soul to work, yours is letting your true selves be seen, letting yourselves trust in me & the process and also, being very willing to create together!

How would you define your style? How do you work?

First and foremost, I like pictures to feel alive ✨ It's not about making "wedding portraits"; it's about capturing YOU, being able to portray the real you. You as individuals, as a couple, as people in love: Ecstatic, nervous, excited and all the feelings that may come.

I believe people are more beautiful when they aren't trying to be so. Thus, I like to capture you without a lot of posing (sometimes just a bit). My intention is to capture your spontaneous selves and create photos that convey emotion. I aim to make you feel in good hands, as I will make sure to find the rights angles and guide you so that you look your best while you're busy feeling the moment.

My dynamic at the wedding changes depending on the situation. My approach is that I adapt depending on what the different stages of the wedding require of me. If I believe some minor fixes can contribute to having a better experience and photos I will communicate it to you, otherwise I won't interfere in how the day develops. On the other hand, at the reception I like to interact with the guests a bit more so that they open themselves to me and my camera.

And lastly, I include a second shooter in all the collections I offer because I believe it's the best way to cover a wedding; always having two different angles. One person capturing the main action while the other one captures the guests' reactions and emotions. One person playing it safe while the other one can go for a riskier/more interesting shot.

For non-wedding day sessions (as it's a more controlled and small situation) It's only myself.

How many photos do you deliver?

It may sound redundant but, wedding are quite eventful; A LOT of stuff happens besides the main wedding events. Because of this, I don't hold a maximum limit of photos. This means that you will get all the good pictures (no duplicates, blurry, blinking images) that were captured without restrictions; carefully and professionally edited them ALL.

As for the minimum, I state in my contract that you will receive at least 50 photos per hour of coverage. So if your wedding coverage was 12 hours, you can expect a minimum of 600. I tend to deliver on average 650-850 but it isn't unusual that I deliver even more. It all depends on how each wedding develops.

Do you shoot video?

For couple looking for a look & feel similar to mine, I team up with a wedding videographer whose work I admire. For more info on this please contact me :)

What is your typical turnaround time?

1 or 2 days after your wedding, I will send you a couple of sneak peeks. 4 to 6 weeks later, I deliver you your slideshow and the full gallery a day after that.

If you decide on an album, this will be delivered to you 2-4 weeks upon your final design approval.

What payment methods do you take?

I have two payment schedule options:

1. I ask for a 25% deposit and a signed contract to secure the date. The remaining 75% is to be covered 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

2. If the payment is made in full at the signing of the contract, a 7% discount can be applied.

• All prices are in MXN. IVA Tax included.

• Payment can be made with credit card, stripe, paypal, bank transference or cash.

• If payment is made in cash, IVA Tax can be excluded.

• Installments can be applied on select cards.

We do! What's next?

I'm thrilled! The next thing is to get to know each other a bit more! If you're in town we can go get coffee, if we're not in the same area, we can get on zoom and talk you through your wedding questions as well as getting to know each other in general non-wedding related stuff.

As for formalities, your date is secured with a 25% deposit and signing an electronic contract.